Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date in Latin America & Spain

After its release this month in Japan, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the new film in the Dragon Ball saga, is preparing to make the leap to theaters around the world. And although there are still countries, including Spain, without an official release date, the international distributor of the film, Crunchyroll, has revealed the release schedule for several territories, including many countries in Latin America.

The new Shonen franchise film will bring back the Red Ribbon Army and place the spotlight on Gohan and Piccolo, the protagonists of this new adventure while Goku and Vegeta train. With the film already in theaters in Japan, many spoilers are reaching fans through the networks, with new characters and transformations ready to reach this great battle.

Crunchyroll revealed new release dates for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, in several countries.

  • August 18: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Central America, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • August 19: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Zambia, and Vietnam
  • August 26: India and Indonesia
  • August 30: Malaysia and Brunei
  • August 31: Philippines
  • September 1: Singapore
  • September 8: Taiwan
  • September 15: South Korea
  • September 29: Thailand, Hong Kong, and Macau

Among these release dates is not Spain, whose release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could have been leaked through the International website of the film, although there is nothing official.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie has a website for promotion in cinemas. The funny thing is that if we give it to add to the calendar, it appears that the premiere would be on July 22 (Friday). We can’t confirm it yet, but hopefully, that will be the case.
-Zeno Universe (@ZenoUniverso) June 15, 2022

“The Red Ribbon army was once destroyed by Son Goku. The individuals, who continue with their spirit, have created the ultimate androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two androids call themselves “superheroes.” They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan… What is the goal of the red Ribbon’s new army? In the face of the danger that lies ahead, it’s time to wake up, superhero!” reads the film’s official synopsis.

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