Learn How To Sell On Social Networks With Social Commerce

Sell directly on social media? Why not? The figures are demonstrating the effectiveness of selling where consumers are most comfortable, between meme and meme and posting and posting. 33% of consumers report on brands and businesses on social media.

Among Generation Z, the percentage rises to 97%. These are data collected by Channable in an ebook about social commerce (along with a lot of tips) that you can get here. With $50 billion, 2020 sales will double in 2023. A vertiginous growth that you should pay attention to.

Why Does Social Commerce Work?

With social commerce, you increase the traffic to your online store, the conversion rate, the average value of orders, and the positioning and authority of your brand. What are the reasons?

  1. Products are offered where customers stay longer

Social commerce is like going to the mall: you may have gone to hang out and have an ice cream with your friends taking advantage of the air conditioning, but you end up looking at shops and buying something.

  1. The potential of the social media algorithm is exploited

Network intelligence puts the right product in front of the customers you care about most. Don’t forget, of course, that these platforms want there to purchase. Its functionalities and algorithms are put at your service so that you sell more.

  1. It is a social activity

You are interested in the purchase becoming a shared activity. Users interact and contribute likes, comments, and reviews. Everything is visible and generates debate. Inertia attracts more audiences, so it improves your performance in the long run.

What Do You Need To Practice Social Commerce?

Unfortunately, social commerce is as demanding as the other marketing and digital sales tactics you are doing. You will have to put in the effort because this must be deliberate and planned.

You Will Change In Part The Management Of The Business

You should consider it one more activity of the management of your business since it could be a total extension of your e-commerce. With all that that implies. It’s not just about publishing your feed, it also changes customer service, brand presence in the community, and interaction. And, of course, the great challenge of fitting the pieces between different formats and media.

You will Adopt New Technological Solutions

It is necessary to know and handle with ease the social commerce functionalities offered by social networks. In some cases, depending on the volume of inventory and sales and the complexity of the project, you may need specialized technical personnel to carry it out. And, of course, adopt management and automation tools like Channable to streamline processes.

You will Have To Think And Plan

You must have a strategy, and control of objectives and metrics if you do not want to waste resources and time. You must plan the commercial and advertising actions, the available resources, the activity of the brand, and the purchase process.

Where Can You Start? In Social Commerce In 2022 You Have:

  • A guide of 8 fundamental guidelines to design a social commerce strategy with your feet on the ground.
  • A selection of best practices and expert advice to improve performance on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tiktok.
  • And success stories for each of those social networks.

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